Secretary Message

Education today, must both empower and liberate. It must build knowledge that is rooted in skills and supported by the attitude to persevere and achieve. MDCA, 12 TK, Raisinghnagar is striving to achieve all this and more through its clear vision of holistic education for all the young lives under its care. A caring team of accomplished educators is working spiritedly to provide a curriculum that’s experiential, enquiry based and creative.

The outlay of infrastructure and facilities available to students at the campus is well chosen, modern and impressive. Fully committed to actualize the mission of the progressive M.D. Children Academy. Society for quality education to the young citizens of India, MDCA, 12 TK, Raisinghnagar is utilizing ably the guidance it is receiving from the society and steadily growing in the esteem of not just the MDCA fraternity but also the academic community at large.

I warmly greet the parents and learners seeking to be associated with the school and am confident that the wonderful world of opportunities that they will discover in the scholastic and co-scholastic canvas of the school, will be truly fulfilling.