Principal's Message: CHAMAN LAL

Today our life has become very easy and luxurious as the country is developing. Rapid economic prosperity has brought in more and more comforts within the reach of every common man. Amidst this luxurious life still, we find many children who are unable to cope with minor setbacks in their lives which are but, a part of growing up. Our children fall easy prey to diseases like depression - the major cause for onset of this condition at such a tender age is lack of inspiration and motivation. In todays family Father, Mother and sometimes even the grandparents are all working. There is no one to guide the child at the time of his/her need. Small battles of childhood like fight with a friend, punishment by a teacher, poor performance at class test, inability to participate in a school function can become serious mental tortures for the child specially a teenager who is already stressed by his physical changes, peer pressure and career challenges. We cannot slow down the pace of change but we can equip ourselves to keep pace with the fast life.